Thursday, October 09, 2008

That Time of the Year Again

D just smsed to say that his team came in Best Dressed again at Hari Raya festivities at work! You may recall that D also clinched the top prize in last year's National Day celebrations.

D has now donned the traditional apparel of the Malay and Indian community, as well as err the Singapore flag. How about the Chinese side of the family eh? Chinese New Year is coming up! Maybe D and Jordy can go visiting in silk kung fu suits! Hmm, as long I don't have to wear a cheong sam. Can't imagine getting my poor postnatal body into one of those clingwrap dresses!

Anyway, congratulations D!


uncle Dick said... look much better than some of the real dudes!

maree said... Davey from Ravey eh
who would have guessed!