Sunday, October 26, 2008

Godpa James Comes to Visit!

Jordy's first whiff of a cuppa!

Jordy's Godpa James flies in for the weekend from Bangkok, and promptly introduces him to a promising future of coffee, alcohol (or the lack thereof in the Turnip household) and irony. Err, we just know that his spiritual development is in good hands...

Two men and a baby

We brave the crowds at Parkway Parade to go to Dome, then Borders (where members get 45% off four or more books for the weekend, yay!). I buy a book on weaning and can't believe that in a few months, we get to open the gates for Jordy to the world of TASTE! Something tells me that he will be like his parents, and will really enjoy his desserts!

After book-shopping (between us all, we buy eight books for $100), it's off to East Coast Park for a walk. There are a phenomenal number of tents, and we are again hit with excitement about going camping with the little guy. I dream about retracing our trip to Northland, NZ with Jordy in tow. Growing up in Singapore, what would he make of the profound expanse of land and ocean that defines his other home in New Zealand? In fact, what would he make of a longer than half an hour car ride? Or seeing the sheep and cows from his picture books come to life? Can't wait!

Jordy learning how to flip pancakes from Godpa James

Then this morning, we get up and make pancakes. Our house is out of milk (we haven't replenished since I threw out the Dutch Lady UHT stuff laced with melamine! Ptui!) so we use soya milk in the recipe and they turn out great! As well as enjoying his food, I also get the inkling that Jordy will like helping mum with her baking. Can't wait again!

Standing tall outside Temasek Hall - Man, how we've aged!

We do what we always do when James comes to visit - a mini pilgrimage to Temasek Hall at NUS where we all met... almost ten years ago. ARGH! ARGH! A couple of singlet-y hostelites help us take this pic before hopping in their car to get food. When did so many students start driving to school?

Jordy contemplates Temasek

Then it's off to meet up with Uncle Dean for nasi padang at Arab St. The food is SOOOO good (and hot!) and Jordy snoozes to the calming scent of fried spices. He's my kind of guy!

This is the way you eat your food, eat your food, eat your food...

Arab St is a calm respite from the Sunday crowds. We walk down Haji Lane and sit in a little cafe in a funky design store, where Jordy proceeds to entertain all with his boisterous gaseous tummy antics. Resulting in us having to change his diaper behind velvet curtains on the floor of the changing room! Aiyoh! He didn't seem to mind though, as he stared at the Victorian wallpaper.

Three men and a baby!

We go to the Botanic Gardens for our daily walk. The place is teeming with families, and bridal couples on their photoshoots. We strike the visual equivalent of the lottery, coming to face to face with not one but TWO bridegrooms with mullets! One was balding with a curly mullet do, the other just had a standard mullet. I wondered whether they had friends who cared for them, and how they managed to woo their wives. I still have not come up with a satisfactory explanation.

Oh dear, come to think of it, maybe we should have put a shirt on Jordy, but it was just sooo warm and humid this evening!

As quickly as the trip began, Godpa James had to head back to Bangkok for work tomorrow. But not before one last pic with Jordy. Maybe the next time Jordy sees his godpa will be in Bangkok? *mum scratches her head in bemusement wondering how she'll manage that, but knows it'll work out somehow*

What a weekend! And it's a public holiday tomorrow too. Whee! And Happy Deepavali to all :)

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maree said...

Jordy's Dad just LOVED helping out on baking day so think, Dora, you will definately have 2 men dying to help out in your beautiful kitchen! Guess who'll get to lick the bowl! hee hee, think you'll loose David. That wee boy looks very determined...

SO WONDERFUL to chat with you on Skype & JR looks SO SO contended and just so PLEASED with himself & the world around him.