Thursday, October 16, 2008

Behind the Scenes of Mommyhood

Lunch with a view, and a good companion, my trusty copy of Great Expectations.

If you had asked me two months ago if I ever would describe motherhood as tranquil, I would have snorted with laughter in your face! Either that or grow another white hair in protest.

But against all odds (imposed by myself, in my brain, those early manic days) I have been managing to have pretty tranquil moments all this week. Not that motherhood is a zen retreat in a spa mind you, but honestly, those early weeks, I remember thinking, "I'll never be able to get the hang of it. I'll just be sitting in my chair feeding Jordy all day. I'll never be able to have a shower when I'm alone with him, let alone cook a meal! HELP!!!"

But things have gotten better, the dust (or rather my nerves) has settled and dare I say it, I think we've fallen into quite a nice rhythm here! Even allowing me to put some Mexican chili in the slow cooker to be had with tortilla chips tonight, and make myself a yummy Hungarian salami sandwich with diet coke (one of my horrible little addictions, I only have a small glass once or twice a week! Blagh). And of course continue my amazing epic viewing of all seven seasons of The Gilmore Girls (loving, loving, loving it)!

Feed me Seymour!

Of course, credit goes to Jordy (who must know I am singing his praises, as he is right now, stirring from his nap and making cute little sounds of protest).

As geeky as this sounds, I find that my journey to this present moment is Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs come to life. We started off at the base of the pyramid - in pure survival mode, sleep and nourishment being at the top of the list. Slowly we're working our way up. Case in point, I took out my ipod dock last night and set it up on the kitchen counter so now I have music on in the day!

The action itself may not seem significant, but to be honest, the last few weeks, I've been so wiped out everyday by the act of caring for Jordy that things like listening to music seemed superfluous to the task at hand. Having the music back out is just one more step to us finding our rhythm as a new family, and hopefully, having lots of fun in the years to come.

Is it me or has Jordy inherited his dad's air of contemplation?

Anyway, a bit of introspection there, heh heh. Am halfway through Great Expectations and I'm really glad I'm reading at this time (i.e. credit crunch and massive financial turmoil in the world). The themes of the book resonate with what's going on around me. Will post a review of it once I'm done. Will be a while yet as I'm savouring every word. Forgot how funny Dickens is! Laugh out loud at some points!

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