Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Mini Vacation

Doh! Who moved my cheese?!

Jordy and I are based at Aunty J's house for the next two days. We've come to Ang Mo Kio in search of some peace and tranquil while my upstairs neighbours embark on some seriously annoying renovation works (they are hacking off their floor tiles over the next two days... grizzle...)

"No, no! Not so close! I want a full length shot!"

It's actually been lots of fun so far, like a mini vacation right here in Singapore! We drove through the McDonald's drive-thru by Ang Mo Kio park this morning - had a McGriddle for the second time in my life! It's disturbingly good. Then off to Aunty J's where Jordy and I had fun storytelling time with finger puppets (most easily transportable plaything) and Jordy had a good ol feed while I watched Oprah. How much more holidayish can you get?

"Yes... that's better mom. Now if you can just pass me my crossword puzzle and lime and soda, I'm set for the afternoon!"

The little gem of a boy is asleep in Aunty J's guestroom now. He stared around in wonderment at his new surroundings, gave a big smile, and then... went to sleep! Just like that. We'll see how long this lasts :)


maree said...

Aha - this all bodes well for future travels!

JY said...

It's so delightful to have u & Jordy come over. My only regret is that I'm not there to enjoy your company. Have a great day and make yourselves at home. I hope this is the first of many more visits :-) Love, A.J.