Friday, October 24, 2008

The Air-Con T-Shirt (Or, Jordy's Early Education in Going Green)

Whatchu lookin at Willis?
In tropical Singapore, I've found these air-con t-shirts (name coined by Jordy's big cousin, S) indispensable. Thanks to Ah Ee for buying these for Jordy. Jordy loves lounging about in these at home, as they keep his now very ample body cool in the heat!

It wasn't me who threw out the can with the garbage! It was daddy!
Anyway, just watched a re-run of Oprah's Earth Day special, and in her words, every small step counts. So though I'm not switching to reusable nappies anytime soon, Jordy's air-con top means we haven't turned on the air-conditioning at home!


JY said...

Oh my, Jordy's tummy has grown! And he has such an adorable expression! U'll probably have to turn away lots of girls who'll come knocking at your door when he grows up.

maree said...

love the wee bow tie Jordy...