Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Just the Two of Us at the Edge of the Island

A hidden spot on a sunny day

It's blisteringly hot today - the kind of blue sky hot that looks better than it feels. Jordy and I brave the heat for a short stroll in nearby Labrador Park. There is no one else walking in the park, but we do see some cars parked with their drivers blissfully enjoying an afternoon siesta. We spot a lone fisherman way out on the jetty in the distance.

Inspired by nature, Jordy composes a haiku in praise of the ocean *mummy's wishful thinking*

Jordy and I walk in the shade, both of us loving the sea breeze on our face. It's wonderful to find a spot in Singapore that is so peaceful. Now, if only we could see some cool, grey days! Bring em on!

1 comment:

maree said...

what a beautiful photo of wee bub contemplating nature
hey....talking of weather
Tuesday it reached 28 here ( really hot for NZ in Oct ) and then it was 4 degrees the next day - Challenging eh!