Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy 2nd Month Birthday, Jordy!

The wheels of the bus go round and round...

Jordy turns two months today! Happy Birthday, my little friend!

To commemorate the occasion, Jordy and I take a bus trip into town to meet daddy for lunch. We start off at a lovely little cafe in Temasek Tower called Zest - I had a baked pasta (spicy with bits of chicken schnitzel) with grapefruit flavoured bubble tea! Yum! D had a healthier wrap and juice (blagh, haha)...

Cake for the birthday boy - chocolate royale and a gingerbread man!

Then, in true celebration mode, the three of us adjourn to Gloria Jean's where D and I share a slice of chocolate royale, and Jordy has a gingerbread man! Ok, I embellish a bit, D and I are in fact, going to have the gingerbread man for dessert tonight, and what mummy ingests, Jordy does too! So he IS going to have gingerbread man after all, haha!

Aunty Janice and Jordy at our third cafe of the day! Whoa!

Then, it was an adieu to daddy, as Jordy and I cafe hopped to Eclectic Attic at Plaza Singapura to meet Aunty Janice, who is on her way back to Kyoto. Sob! We will really miss her, Jordy especially, judging from how he enjoyed his cuddle with her. Can't wait for Jordy to grow up and properly look at the antique map of the Middle East that Aunty Janice got him for his one month celebration. Well, the next time he sees her, he may even be able to thank her himself!

What a day! Our little champ has turned in for the night, this is the fifth night in a row he has gone down at 7pm, no problems. I know I've said this before, but... What a gem!

ps: Note to any nursing mums out there - Eclectic Attic is a great sanctuary amidst the manic bustle of Orchard Road to do your thang. It even has a sign that welcomes children! And their lemonade and nutella gelato are awesome! Oh and Gloria Jean's at Temasek Tower is another great place for nursing too(but not between 12 and 2pm).

Oh and here's another gratuitous shot of him just for the heck of it :)


maree said...

Happy 2 month birthday cafe kid!
You are the icing on the cake in my life!

uncle Dick said...

He is 60 days old already?
And how he has grown in this time.
Send "aunt" Janice my warmest regards.