Thursday, October 30, 2008

Aunty Lichelle Comes to Stay

The two most photogenic people I know

Jordy gets another visitor! Aunty Lichelle flies in from Kampala, Uganda (where she's working on a project) for the weekend - it's Aunty Seto and Uncle Zaihan's wedding. We're all getting excited for the two-day festivities!


It was another noisy day of renovations in our building today - so Jordy and I turned mall rats again. He's getting more and more at home in cafes. He had a grand time at Pacific Coffee in Vivo, hanging out and playing peekaboo with me! He also had a great nap at his home away from home, Page One bookstore, where he slept for TWO hours while I devoured O Magazine (call me sucker I don't care!)...

"One grande latte please, no caffeine, no coffee, no cream and err, oh heck, just pass me the boob!"


unk Dicko said...

" AI..YOH! He's so,so,so CUTE!"

" He looks so much like a DOLL!"

" I want to KISS him!"

Mama Daisie

maree said...

yes, he is absolutely adorable - give him a big kiss from his Mama Maree too