Monday, December 29, 2008

The Turnips Survived Christmas (But There's Still New Year's to Come)!

The Turnip present table. Jordy's present from us is the largest box at the bottom. As you can see, it's half-open cos we had to rip into it as the silly thing (a Leapfrog music table) accidentally turned itself on!

Okaaay, so we well and truly survived Christmas! Had a wonderful time surrounded by friends and family, and our life as a family of three seems to just get better and more err, eventful!

Dinner spread at the family Christmas eve party!

Jordy did very well too - even managing to sleep peacefully in his grandma's arms amidst the growing shrieks of his excited cousins as they played pass the parcel! And he's now slowly taking the bottle which is a relief - I'm no longer the primary food source and I guess this means we can possibly start leaving him for longer periods with his mama and kong kong! If we can bear to be apart for him for more than a few hours that is!

"Thank you Mama, for allowing me such a peaceful Christmas eve!"

Christmas morning was truly the most fun we've had as a family so far! Jordy knew that the morning was slightly different from any other. Possibly cos for once, his dad sounded as chipmunky and excited as his mum!

Jordy appraises the Turnip Christmas haul

He loved the musical table he got, as well as all the fantastic, thoughtful gifts from all who loved him. He sat very contented in the good vibes bestowed on him from all corners of the world. He even quietly appreciated his Santa stocking gifts (a dental hygiene set and a medicine dispenser kit for the first aid box!).

Playing the banjo on the Leapfrog music table

Then on Boxing Day, it was off to the pool with Mama and Kong Kong! Mama brought an inflatable seat for the pool, which Jordy just loved. He enjoyed splashing around, staying in for almost 20 minutes! The longest he's been in so far!

Trickle, trickle, splash, splash

In a great show of dexterity, we even managed to bath him without a bathtub! A guerilla operation requiring two adaptable parents, one chilled-out kid, and many giggles and laughs!

"What?!?! You forgot to bring the bathtub?!"

In between all the festivities, we even managed to reorganise the house, now that our new built-in wardrobe has been installed in the study. Jordy's room is starting to look more like a kid's room, and is just begging for some splashes of colour. That's our plan for this coming week!

"Err, yes, I think I quite like the air of quiet contemplation in this new study"

Then today was a day of international relations! Off to meet friends who were en route from Wellington to India, and then a quick drop in to the Borders Cafe to say a big HELLO to Aunty Porcs and her Frenchman who were in town and on the way to a villa in Bali (BLAGH! So jealous!). And Jordy couldn't keep his eyes of Uncle Dean's choco-berry cake.

Gosh I love Christmas!

One of these kids is ready for solids, can you tell me just which one? (Hint: Uncle Dean loves his nasi padang and has been enjoying said nasi padang for some time already)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Best Christmas Baubles Ever!

These must be the best Christmas baubles ever! Sent all the way from Dunedin, New Zealand with love from Mama Maree. They're big, festive, and just simply cuddly! My favourite is the kiwi in his surf shorts, with his jandals, and scoop of hokey pokey ice cream!

We couldn't wait for Jordy to awaken to hang them on the tree, so you'll have to wait till tomorrow to find out which one he likes best! With his build, the All Blacks Santa might just be the thing! Though I dare say if he's anything like his mum, then he's got beach bum written all over his destiny!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I've been so wrapped up in chronicling the life and times of Jordy that I realise it's been far too long since I did a post on books!

Anyway, here goes. In between honing my skills as the Vaudeville act that is Jordy's mom, and resident cook and organiser of all-things-Christmas, I have actually managed to read a bit. Nope, I'm still in the middle of Great Expectations, but have actually finished a few lighter things.

I was rather disappointed with Linda Grant's 2008 Man Booker shortlisted The Clothes on their Backs. I've been eyeing this book for a long time mainly cos I loved the cover, but in the end, the promise was greater than what was delivered.

The simple storyline was promising: a young girl of Hungarian Jewish (refugee) stock grows up in the tumultous '70s in London. How her quiet life is turned on its head with the discovery of a notorious uncle - what are his secrets? why the discord between her parents and the glamorous Uncle Sandor? how did he get the scars on his back, etc etc.

However, I felt the novel couldn't quite decide what it wanted to be. Was it an insight into the horrors of life in the labour camps during the war in Hungary? Or a tale that centred around the growing pains and moral awakening of an opaque narrator? An extended metaphor for how one's clothes and identity are inextricably linked?

The novel jumped around between any of these strands rather jarringly. Is it me or is the quality of the Man Booker list slowly eroding? What we really need is a new Kasuo Ishiguro or a Peter Carey ala My Life as a Fake. Or something as original as The Life of Pi.

Anyway, I've also become horribly addicted to the cheesy vampire Twilight saga. Rather embarassing but even though the writing is so bad, the plot is so strangely compelling!!! Truly a guilty pleasure. I'm on to book three of the saga and while I'm in the middle of these books, think Great Expectations will just have to wait!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Happy 4th Month Birthday, Jordy!

D talks about lack of irony in Singapore. Well, the irony of posing in front of the Ben & Jerry's Chunk Fest is not lost on me here. Yet another rare mother and baby shot. The festival sucked by the way, but the photo opp was great.

Four months on, it's amazing how Jordy has changed our lives:

1. Going out got a lot heavier - more accessories to tote along, a heavier bag, and of course, his lordship himself, all 8+kg worth!

2. Christmas just got better - it's ten times more excitement now that we have our little friend to share it with! I mean, this kid has never met Santa yet, or even tried a gingerbread man! What delights await him?

3. We've both gotten err, broader. Jordy's not the only one who has gained in girth. Sigh... I'm giving myself a year to return to pre-Jordy size! D's getting back to his regular running routine!

4. The ordinary just got extraordinary: believe the hype. And forgive your parent friends if they can't stop gushing or dwelling on what their children do. I used to sit squarely on the other side of this fence, rolling my eyes and yawning internally if someone I knew droned on about the wonders of their child. But now, it's karma back to bite me in the bum! In a big way! The thing is, it feels like a privilege to be able to witness this gradual awakening to consciousness that Jordy is experiencing, and to see the sort of human being he will become. And having taken a year out to care for him, though exhausting at times, is rewarding almost all the time. So I'm not apologising that this blog has turned into a bit of a Jordy shrine, but your kid is only a baby once, and this supernova phase of learning and discovery needs to be documented!

5. D and I are now PARENTS! We still look at each other in wonderment and wonder how we ever got here. Oh and then of course we look at Jordy and wonder how come we waited so long!

The much more common father and baby shot.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Let it snow, let it snow!

If Jordy ever cuts a rap album, this will be the cover shot for the CD. For sure.

It's freezing in Singapore today - a misty, drizzly 24 degrees. All around the city people are togged up in their sweaters and cardigans. We decide it's the perfect occasion to whip out the gorgeous hoodie/onesie Jordy got from Godpa James. To say he was content and snuggly today is an understatement!


We enjoy a wonderful family lunch at the NUS Guild House, Jordy has a snooze, and then it's off to Coffee Club for Jordy's feed. And then we head home to catch up with Aunty Anu who is in town for the marathon!

I may look cuddly but I really am tough!

Monday, December 01, 2008

Christmas Arrives at the Turnips!

Getting into the Christmas spirit Turnip-style: A Five-Step Guide

Step 1: Start with a live Christmas tree. This 6-foot beauty is fresh from the forests of Scandinavia, via our favourite store IKEA. We do as the delivery men tell us and fill the tree stand with ice to preserve the lovely fragrant needles!

Step 2: String some lights round the tree. After a heated debate, I relented and got multi-coloured lights much to D's approval. I'm more of a symmetrical all-gold or all-blue lights kind of girl, but D is all for the happy chaos of a twinkling rainbow! We get special low-heat lights for the tree. They are very light, have multi-functional displays (i.e. can twinkle in many different ways) and only cost $16.90 from that uncle's shop in Holland V!

Step 3: Dress the tree with a generous helping of baubles. Here's D helping Jordy putting on his very own 2008-Christmas edition bauble!

Step 4: Step back and admire your handiwork!

Step 5: It's time for the crowning glory! The star at the top of the tree!

Note: It is critical to put on music while dressing the tree. For us, it has to be our favourite (and only!) Christmas CD, Christmas with Nat (King Cole) and Dean (Martin)

ps: Though I'm so excited about Christmas, I'm filled with some sadness at the recent events in Mumbai, which saw the tragic loss of life of Singapore's first terror attack victim, Ms Lo Hwei Yen. It reminds me that our time on earth is finite and that we only have the time that's been given to us (in my case, I believe it's God-given time) to live and love. So for me, it's a timely reminder to treasure my very own treasures in life every day, and to recognise and give thanks for the extraordinary little miracles that make up my life.