Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Art Imitates Life (Or, the Uncanny Confluence of the Turnips and Gilmores)

A scene from Season 5 of The Gilmore Girls: Paris in her pyjamas.

Get prepared for a really, really weird collision between reality and hyperreality. See that picture above? Focus on the PJs...

Now get this... pictured below is my nursing bib, or Hooter Hider (HH) that my friend S so kindly lent me - to the 100% breastfeeding mother, it has meant emancipation! With my trusty HH, I have traipsed the length of town with Jordy with nary a care... Now notice the fabric... FREAKY!!! Or as my ex-flatmate M from Japan used to say, "fleaky fleaky!"

The Hooter Hider - one of the touchstones between my world and the Gilmores'

Still can't get over how freaky that is! Anyway, had to include two shots that D took showing just how much weight our little man is putting on. And we just had dinner with Jordy's Aunty J who says he has a very manly (as in, not really babyish) face - we fully agree!!!

Aunty J has also kindly opened up her home to me and Jordy for the next few days, while our upstairs neighbours undergo extremely noisy renovations (hacking of floor tiles and many other absolutely horrible drilling noises). So we're going to be a bit nomadic this week - how fun! A new neighbourhood (Ang Mo Kio) to explore! And Jordy's godpa James visits this weekend - Yay!

I still can't get over the fabric... Fleaky...


maree said...

now if you could just find source of material you could have your own hooter wrap business... imagine all the Mums who r certain to be GG fans just dying for one the same!
Wee Jordy has definately been here before ( just like I used to feel about his dad! )

sheri said...

GAWD... you're right! FLEAKY!!!