Sunday, November 30, 2008

Jordy Stars in Remake of "The Terminal"

At the Candy House, where we were given two minutes to grab as much candy as we wanted that could fill a little Thermos!

Jordy is destined to be a world traveller, methinks. Judging from his reaction to the three times we've brought him to the airport.

Changi Airport is bedecked in Christmas regalia. There's a Disney theme happening, with all the shops tying in promotions to the theme. For example, spend $50 or more on Visa at any outlet and get a chance to spend two-minutes in the Candy House where you can stuff a Changi Airport thermos mug with as much candy as it can hold. But of course we didn't have to do any spending in order to get into the Candy House. The lady at the bookstore - where I had gone to buy a paper - took one look at Jordy and said, "Aiyoh so cute! OK, just for you, you get this ticket and proceed to the Candy House ok? If they ask you where your receipt is, just say it's in the lucky draw box!"

When we got to the Candy House, the young man manning the queue asked for our receipt, but I just couldn't tell a white lie and said that all I bought was a paper! But they still let us in. Talk about the joy of Christmas giving eh?

Anyway think Jordy was a bit bemused by the whole Candy House thing. He was much more attracted to the wide open spaces that present themselves wherever you turn at the airport. And he enjoyed his Sky Train rider to Terminal 2 strapped safely to Dad. He certainly enjoys facing out on the Baby Bjorn now! And holding on to Dad's fingers the entire time!

A rare shot of the three of us! D and I are half looking forward, and half dreading all the kiddy things we'll have to take Jordy to soon enough (e.g. Disney on Ice?! Yikes! But think we'll draw the line at overpriced Barney shows! )

We love the airport too in fact. Not just 'cos it brings back memories of all the great places we've been, but all the places yet to explore with Jordy in tow. We can't wait to bring him to his namesake country - and let him discover the wonders of Petra and the crusader castles! And hiking through the valley at Dana where we experienced two days of pure content :)

But think we're going to start off his wanderlust a little more modestly. A family beach holiday next June! Destination to be confirmed, most likely Bintan, but I'm still dreaming little dreams of all of us renting a villa in Phuket! Though looking at the crappy political situation, who knows what Thailand will look like next year!

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maree said...

how more cute can this wee boy get!!! and obviously everyone thinks so - not just his doting Grandma!!! Keep visiting the airport wee one cos one day I'll be there to give you a big hug xxx