Sunday, November 23, 2008

Little Cafe Boy is Growing Up!

Jordy the cafe boy. At The Coffee Connosieur with Aunty Su Yin on Thursday. Umm, Jordy the serviette is not a type of food.

Gosh has it been a week since my last post? The days just seem to slip by! Have been recovering from a mild tummy bug which has meant all my spare energy has gone to taking care of the bub. Typing this now as D is off to Botak Jones on a lunch expedition - Giant Italian Pork Sausage meal here I come! Yay!

This week marked more milestones in our new life as a family of three :)

1. I'm starting to teach Jordy how to read! He seems to be enjoying it so far - using the Glenn Doman system. Well at the very least, we're both having fun at it :)

2. Jordy is definitely sleeping through the night now. Woo hoo for the little one! And his relieved parents!

3. He's discovered how to grab on to things with a pincer-like grasp. From rattles, to edge of play mat, to the hanging monkey on his jungle gym, to bra strap (mine!), to his t-shirt, this new revelation is giving him a lot of fun now!

Jumperoo time!

4. We finished watching all seven seasons of The Gilmore Girls. I am in a bit of mourning here - Lorelai and Rory, Emily and Richard, and the inhabitants of Stars Hollow became like family to me! Now what'll I do? The good news is that Jordy is taking shorter and shorter to feed which means I don't have the luxury to watch TV languidly in the day anymore! Now it's more about me becoming the entertainment (who ever thought I could do so many different voices?)! Though I must say I haven't enjoyed anything as much as The Gilmore Girls since The West Wing. D and I are also almost done watching the most excellent Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, the Aaron Sorkin series that only lasted a season (Why, oh why?!). Desperately need a new TV series to get sunk into. Recommendations very welcome! D wants to get The Sopranos but I think it makes for too stressful viewing. Need something with no violence - am seriously thinking of getting the Anne of Green Gables series! Definitely Mad Men when it finally comes out on DVD.

5. He is laughing big, hearty laughs. It's hard to capture him in motion, the picture below is the closest I've come to so far. Maybe it's because it's so much more fun being in the moment with him than trying to snap a shot of him! Heh heh.

"I'm all cheeks at the moment!"

6. And I've saved the most significant milestone for last. On Thursday evening, I went out for dinner sans Jordy for the first time since he was born on 10 August 2008 at 7pm! Phew! The occasion? My mum's farewell dinner from her colleagues (she is starting a new role as a superintendent of schools in December) - the family was invited as a surprise and my dad was the surprise element in the "guess who this is" game my mum played blindfolded! It was a lovely night and though it was odd being without both my men, it made me appreciate what I have more when I went home that evening and saw them both having a boys night in! Don't think they missed me as much as I missed them though, haha!

"What smooth hands you have!"


maree said...

Congratulations to Mama Daisy - wee Jordy will be very proud to see this when he's a little older - although seeing that his mum is already being taught to read he may well be onto this blog sooner than we think!

maree said...

whoops - should say ..seeing that his Mum is already teaching HIM to read!