Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy Three-Month Birthday Jordy!

Gong xi, gong xi! (Mandarin for Congratulations!)

Jordy is now officially 3 months old! I waited until 7pm to type this post (which is exactly his bed time!) for posterity's sake! Many, many happy returns my little man! I wonder what the origin of the saying is. D thinks it's because when it's your birthday and you get presents, you can return those that you don't like! Any The Phrase Finder explains, "Since the 18th century this has been used as a salutation to offer the hope that a happy day being marked would recur many more times."

So Jordy, in the spirit of the 18th century, I pray that this very joyous day will recur many more times. Even as I think back three months ago to this exact time... you popped out on to the world stage to the sonorous sounds of Ella and Louis playing on our ipod in the delivery room - though for the life of us we can't remember exactly which song. I'm sure it wasn't A Foggy Day or Let's Call the Whole Thing Off. In my mind, the song that plays is the same one that I sang to your dad at our wedding, Our Love is Here to Stay.

Mum... since it's my birthday, can I stay up late and watch Amazing Race with you and dad? Please? (FYI: my answer was, "sorry dude". Wait about ten more years and you'll get to stay up till 9pm!)

To commemmorate the passing of this fourth trimester, D and I present Jordy with his new Rainforest Jumperoo, courtesy of the Robinson's Sale! As of today, it's the number 1 ranked baby toy on And since everything else we have is from this Fisher Price Rainforest range, it kinda bodes well!

Jordy's still a bit young for it, his toes don't touch the floor in it, but we solve that with some Kiwi ingenuity and place a board game underneath him for bouncing pleasure! He spent the first few goes just stamping his feet up and down and looking at the flashing lights on the toy bar. He hasn't even realised the seat can swivel and open up a world of other toys! I can just tell this will be a winner though, as he looks very pleased with himself everytime he gets in!

We gotta work it work it.

Dancing in the rainforest!

And Jordy's birthday weekend was just wonderful! We had lunch at the NUSS (that's the National University of Singapore Society) club which we've just joined, then went to MacRitchie reservoir for a walk around the boardwalks. And on Sunday, had the most enormous burgers at Seah St Deli followed by a very sunny walk at East Coast park!

Boardwalk at MacRitchie Reservoir


unk Dicko said...

Wow..3 months have passed by.
So, you are 90 days old wee Jordy!
I and your grandma have 2-3 nice pictures with you the other day which i shall post at the Yippie blogsite.
Happy Growing!
Grandpa ukulele

maree said...

I just can't remember life without wee jordy in our lives - so much Joy in just 3 months.
Much love my darling.

JY said...

Happy 3 months dear Jordy! You are getting more and more handsome by the day!