Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Page Turner of a Weekend

Jordy and his dad just before they adjourned to the gentlemen's cigar room.

Most of our friends can tell you that when we were considering names for Jordy, should he have turned out to be a she, Paige was always lurking in the background as a contender. Paige Turner, get it?! B-A-D I know...

But true to his almost name sake, this weekend saw Jordy flipping over the page of his cloth book with his own wee hand, not once but twice! Not a fluke!

And another first this week, for the past seven blessed days, Jordy has been sleeping through the night!!! He goes down at 7pm, then we wake him around 10pm for another feed, and he sleeps through till 6ish, 7am! The other seismic shift is that we have now officially moved out of the little man's room - we're back on our Sealy posturepedic (which is heaven), and Jordy now can enjoy his own space! We suffered Jordy-withdrawal symptoms the first night but the allure of uninterrupted sleep proved to be a good antidote.

Proudly showing off his 7.25kg frame. Did I give birth to John Goodman or what?


maree said...

just look at those kissable lips!!!and I can just about imagine the look of concentration as he turns over the pages of his wee book -

unk Dicko said...

Hey..if he can flip, then he can also strum, and definitely swim...soon!

Grandpa ukelele