Monday, December 01, 2008

Christmas Arrives at the Turnips!

Getting into the Christmas spirit Turnip-style: A Five-Step Guide

Step 1: Start with a live Christmas tree. This 6-foot beauty is fresh from the forests of Scandinavia, via our favourite store IKEA. We do as the delivery men tell us and fill the tree stand with ice to preserve the lovely fragrant needles!

Step 2: String some lights round the tree. After a heated debate, I relented and got multi-coloured lights much to D's approval. I'm more of a symmetrical all-gold or all-blue lights kind of girl, but D is all for the happy chaos of a twinkling rainbow! We get special low-heat lights for the tree. They are very light, have multi-functional displays (i.e. can twinkle in many different ways) and only cost $16.90 from that uncle's shop in Holland V!

Step 3: Dress the tree with a generous helping of baubles. Here's D helping Jordy putting on his very own 2008-Christmas edition bauble!

Step 4: Step back and admire your handiwork!

Step 5: It's time for the crowning glory! The star at the top of the tree!

Note: It is critical to put on music while dressing the tree. For us, it has to be our favourite (and only!) Christmas CD, Christmas with Nat (King Cole) and Dean (Martin)

ps: Though I'm so excited about Christmas, I'm filled with some sadness at the recent events in Mumbai, which saw the tragic loss of life of Singapore's first terror attack victim, Ms Lo Hwei Yen. It reminds me that our time on earth is finite and that we only have the time that's been given to us (in my case, I believe it's God-given time) to live and love. So for me, it's a timely reminder to treasure my very own treasures in life every day, and to recognise and give thanks for the extraordinary little miracles that make up my life.

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maree said...

Looks Wonderful - just as well you have a big open window for Santa to climb through seeing as there is no chimney!