Monday, November 03, 2008

The Nuptials of Seto and Zai, Day Two

Trying to look respectable - check out the gorgeous bride with red roses in her hair and the groom in his Hugo Boss suit!

Day two of the great wedding weekend, and it's more mayhem and good times!

In a tribute to the US Presidential Elections, some of us try out our Sarah Palin hockey mum winks

I'm on wedding coordinator duty so our whole family goes early to the Asian Civilisations Museum, where the festivities take place. When we used to be able to travel light to an event, now it takes some military precision to pack everything we need for all three of us to change our outfits (including extra apparel for the growing bundle that is Jordy). When we leave the house, we are a hilarious sight. Between the three of us, we tote:

*One stroller, with removable infant car seat
*One baby bag in the form of a canvas rucksack
*One Bodyshop canvas bag containing makeup, my clothes and evening shoes, as well as Jordy's spiffy outfit
*D's shirt and pants on two hangers
*D's messenger bag containing a book, and in which he will store his day clothes after he's changed
*A woven bag containing D's evening shoes
*My handbag containing the itenary for the wedding, as well as camera and wallet

And of course, when we get there, it's starting to rain! Thank goodness there was so much help on hand to help me cart everything to the dressing room. Goodness!

But what a wonderful evening it was. The highlight (besides catching up with the whole gang again) was Zai playing keyboard intro to November Rain, then running like a rockstar to fetch his waiting bride, a very gorgeous Seto, and they walked into the rocking sounds of Guns n Roses. According to my mum, Jordy rose from his slumber to check out what was going on with all the hooting and clapping, but then promptly went back to sleep.

And I guess the highlight for Jordy was the many willing arms to carry him - he had a ball! And slept through the whole evening - have I said how much we love him already?

Jordy provides the only testosterone in a sea of estrogen.

Uncle Dean and Aunty Lichelle mime the alternative nuclear family

A Jordy sandwich - mama and gong gong are the bread!

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