Thursday, November 13, 2008

Jordy in a Bumbo, Part Two

"Sorry Pooh, no two ways about it. My head is definitely bigger than yours!"

The weather in Singapore is perfect today! It drops to a cool 24 deg, which on this tropical isle three-degrees north of the Equator means only one thing: time to get out the winter woollies! Well, in Jordy's case, wearing long sleeves and pants at home in the day! This cute grey suit is a gift from Jordy's Godpa James, as is his new favourite thing: his Pooh fleecy blanket! He can't get enough of it :)

"Mom! Are you done with the photoshoot yet? I need to get back to Pooh! He's disputing the size of my head!"


maree said...

wow - this is the first time I've seen him holding on to something tightly - 'cept my finger of course!
can this wee bub get any cuter!!!

unk Dicko said...

He also held on to Grandma Dai's finger tightly as if to say" you too don't run away like my ma did..."Haha!
He should be placed under your IKEA Xmas tree as the STAR attraction!

Grandpa ukulele