Tuesday, September 02, 2008

A Tale of Two Grandmas

Once upon a time, there lived a wee man named Jordy. One morning, Jordy's mum woke up and declared, "We simply must go out today and purchase a musical mobile and play gym for little Jordy. He is not being stimulated enough!"

Alas, Jordy's mum was not at her best and was too exhausted to drive herself to the land of Robinsons. So she clicked her heels twice, twirled round thrice with Jordy and wished for his grandmas to appear.

And lo and behold, Mama Maree from New Zealand was spirited away from her hometown of Dunedin to the tropical kingdom where Jordy ruled, and Mama Daisie from Singapore came whizzing round as fast as she could!

The two grandmas delightedly picked Jordy up, and before you could say "where's the 20% discount section?" had transported him, buggy and all to the land of Robinsons! It was wee Jordy's first trip out on the town, and with the help and love of his two amazing grandmas, had a lovely day.

Isn't Jordy a lucky thing? His mum thinks so!

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