Sunday, September 28, 2008

Jordy Turns Seven Weeks, or A weekend of Walks, Bouncers and Ukeleles

We had a relatively restful weekend, though the same can't be said for Singapore, which is going completely crazy with Grand Prix fever. As I type, D is watching the final laps of the race (I still cannot fathom the allure of watching identical looking cars go round a track 61 times! Tho I must say the organisers made Singapore look real pretty at night).

We took Jordy to McCafe for a laid back lunch on Saturday. He fretted a bit halfway through (Great World was slightly manic) but was good as gold once we popped him in the Baby Bjorn. Did a great big grocery shop, and then came home and went for a lovely walk - it was Jordy's first time in his ultra-funky sun hat that his Mama Maree got him. I'm sure all his NZ rellies will be proud that their little boy is sun smart!

We also got Jordy a baby bouncer at Great World. So far, he seems to enjoy it. This morning he sat in it for a good length of time - enough for me to make lunch and for D and I to sit with him and eat, picnic-style in our living room!

Little Jordy reaching for one of the itsy bitsy spiders on his bouncy chair toy bar. Is it me, or is there a sparkle of mischief in those eyes?

Another milestone this weekend - our first Sunday dinner back at my parents' place! We hadn't been since the BIRTH! Gosh, feels like seven months and not seven weeks! Jordy loved being with his cousins, aunties, grandaunty and grandparents. He especially loved it when his ah gong played the ukelele to him. He fell right to sleep with a smile on his face! And he even got a free rocking service courtesy of his youngest cousin Baby T :)

Wonder what this next week will bring? Can't wait!

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maree said...

Oh my goodness - it's only been 8 days since I held wee bub and he is changing so much already -
Wonderful that he is being introduced to the Ukelali already ( 2nd best thing to Mama Maree's singing! )