Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A to Z, by Jordy

"I like to sit in my thinking chair and ponder..."

A is for Ah Kong, who'll teach me fun songs
B is for Booby, my favourite (and only) food source!
C is for Crying, err, right now the main way I communicate when I'm not frowning or wide-eyed
D is for Daddy, who loves me just the way I am (even when I'm squirmy!)
E is for "Eh-eh-eh", my favourite phrase when I'm tired or uncomfy,
F is for Fenugreek, the funny herb my mum takes to make more food for me!
G is for Gilmore, the girls my mum watches some times when she feeds me (I like the theme tune!)
H is for Humming, lullabies especially make me happy
I is for Islands, Singapore and New Zealand
J is for Jordan, the river, the country, and my namesake
K is for kisses, which make me all squirmy, but I'm sure I'll grow to love
L is for Love, which everyone showers on me
M is for Mama, my two favourite ladies in the world (after mummy of course!)
N is for New Zealand, my other home
O is for outing, my favourite past time (when I'm not eating that is!)
P is for piano, Bach please, and hold the Gershwin
Q is for Quiet, which I'm told I can be, especially when I'm watching the world go by
R is for rattle, or rather my rattly cry which I've been told is both heart rending and cute at the same time!
S is for smile, which I'll bestow on my fans only when I'm ready!
T is for Tummy, which is growing in girth every day!
U is for Umbilical Cord, which fell off on the 5th day after I was born (the nurse told me I was a clever boy to do that)
V is for Volume, my lungs are getting stronger day by day
W is for Walkies, which I look forward to every afternoon
X is for X-factor, which I'm pretty sure I possess
Y is for Ye Jie, my heroic Chinese name
Z is for Zzzz, my other favourite past time (though I don't do it quite as often as I should!)

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uncle dick said...

Later "R" may likely be for Rugby.
We shall wait and see!