Saturday, September 20, 2008

What goes on in between photos

My first post-Jordy swim at the club! H-E-A-V-E-N. Thanks to the two mamas and ah kong who took turns looking after Jordy. But turns out he didn't need much looking after as he slept peacefully through our swim and dinner!

Like a motion picture, where only a fraction of the total footage makes it on screen - carefully edited, set to music that resonates with the content - looking at the photos we've taken so far, it would seem that parenthood is one big fun ride!

Jordy's first cultural experience - the "Post Doi Moi - Vietnamese Art After 1990" at the Singapore Art Museum. He was so good and even allowed mum and mama maree to have a lovely lunch after at Dome!

HAH! Of course, what doesn't make it to the blog includes the diaper mountain that we are sadly contributing to the landfill (sorry, convenience wins this round, but we do not use air con at home so I guess that lessens our carbon footprint?), the crying and resulting rocking sessions, the marathon feeds, and of course, the seemingly endless household chores that need to be done!

The whole family at Jumbo Seafood - Jordy's first night out! He was good despite the clanging cutlery, regular crunch of crab shells, and bad karaoke emanating from the so called "private" dining rooms!

But honestly, in totality, the last few weeks (Jordy turns six weeks old tomorrow) have gone by in a tumultous blur, sometimes manic (think feeding baby, ringing the bank, and sipping a milo all happening at the same time), frequently joyous (when Jordy opens his big wide eyes and stares seriously at us, or when he does something new), occasionally upsetting (usually when exhaustion in parents and crankiness in baby collide) but always challenging!

With moments like these, who needs Minties?

I'm still trying to figure out this mummy business, but if it allows me moments like the ones captured here, then I guess it can't be all that bad :)

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