Thursday, September 04, 2008

25 Days and Counting

"What a circus the American presidential campaign is turning into. Morgan Freeman for president I say!"

The little man is 25 days old today. As a tribute to us getting this far as a new family, thought I'd upload some photos showing him in his various guises.

"Though I haven't been to Egypt, I can still walk like an Egyptian!"

Little Jordy has had a busy few days - milestones include first ride in car with his mum driving, a trip to IKEA to look at furniture for his room, a good walk on the Southern Ridges walkway, and this afternoon, a very exciting trip to Island Creamery for his first frozen dessert experience, made all the more special with Uncle Andy (who is in Singapore competing in the Singapore Ironman) visiting from New Zealand.

"If it wasn't for my trusty bat mobile, I would be stuck at home all day!"

"Finally! Some fresh air. Hey, show me some speed here, Mama Maree!"

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