Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Peek-a-boo, and Other Favourite Pursuits

Jordy's really into the "now you see me..." type games at the moment. Since learning how to haul his dense little self up to kneeling/semi-standing position on any appropriately-positioned surface, he will give a bit of a cheeky grin, and proceed to play peek-a-boo. It's incredibly cute, though a tad repetitive at times (forgive me! I'm with the kid 24/7!)...

He also loves it when I drape a sarong over his head, then snatch it away like a magician revealing a crystal ball. Except crystal ball is said baby's head. Never fails to produce a smile or a belly full of laughter.

Oh yes, have I told you? Jordy now laughs these from-deep-within-the-belly chuckles. They first appeared last week at Mama and Gong Gong's house when Dad and Aunty D were entertanining him with clothes hangers out in the backyard. The latest thing to cause him such mirth was my finger puppetry yesterday, specifically with a frog and a kiwi, alternately headbanging to my sung version of Splish Splash I was taking a bath and playing peek-a-boo with him. D says Jordy's guffaws gives him a "Santa-down-at-the-pub" quality, which I think is just a delightful description!

All I can say is that the baby is changing everyday - and I'm pretty glad I'm here to catch it all!


maree said...

I'm pretty glad your'e there catching it all too Dora, otherwise I wouldn't have so many magic shots to drawl over!

DT said...

These photos remind me of two things:

1- a moon rise

2- the giant sized Gollum that used to peek over the roof of Wellington airport.

unk Dicko said...

How right...his deep belly laughs!
I simply could not believe my ears when I heard the sounds..so quickly got my camera to capture it. But alamak, the camera can only capture the scene BUT NOT THE SOUND!!!
Next time,,,must be ready with the camcorder.