Monday, March 09, 2009


Adora and Poppy, Shirley holding Jordy while her daughter, Melanie smiles on, Liz and Ned

Sometimes, a series of events occurs in such a splendid sequence that one can only look to serendipity for answers (how's that for alliteration?).

So a few Mondays ago, I took Jordy to pick our passports up from ICA. I parked at Tiong Bahru Plaza and mrt-ed to Lavender, after which mrt-ed back to Tiong Bahru. I decided to walk around the mall, as Jordy was almost napping in the ergo, so I thought I'd let him snooze in the cool air while I browsed in the shops.

Went into a baby store and was looking around randomly, when I struck up a conversation with a fellow baby-wearing mum. Turns out her name is Adora, mum to the delightful Poppy and that we share an uncanny amount of things in common - our names for starters! We decided to meet up for a coffee with our babies, and that's now what we do on Monday afternoons! Adora then met Liz, who has a lovely boy Ned, and now it's a happy group of six (oh well, the mums are happy, and the babies, mostly so!)

Have been discovering the Tiong Bahru village area, and falling in love with its lovely quiet streets, and wonderful cafes a world away from the chain-store monotony of your typical mall cafes. Went to Cafe Pralet last week, and today, it was the most charming Le Bon Marche, run by the most wonderful Shirley, whom Jordy fell a little in love with! Perhaps he knows that she makes the best hot chocolate in Singapore.

All I can say is, thank goodness for the company and fellowship of other mums :) And the serendipitous moments in life!

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