Friday, March 06, 2009

Achtung Jordy

Jordy in his recording studio

Jordy had a bender of a night last night. We think it was the teething, so tried out a combo of Dentinox, chilled teether, lots of cuddles and endless walking around with him in the Ergo carrier. He finally went to bed at 12.06am (according to poor D, who was on night duty as I'd spent most of the day cheering up the grizzly one and was SPENT!).

Oh yes, and he's also learnt how to scream. Octave-stretching histrionics that would make Mariah proud. Sometimes he's just testing things out and has a smile on his face, other times, he truly looks angry! Poor him, and poor us!

We're trying to be cheerful about things but gosh, this phase is hard! One thing the books never say is how your baby will reset himself and become a different baby every so often! Case in point, Jordy has been sleeping through the night like a champ for weeks and weeks...

Anyway, in the spirit of good cheer and trying to be festive amidst The Scream (yes, I mean the painting), D texted me the funniest thing this afternoon.

What if Jordy recorded a U2 album? What would it be like? Well, according to D...

Achtung Jordy
1. Poo station
2. Even tastier than the real thing
3. One (am)
4. Until the end of the banana
5. Whose gonna ride your wild ergo
6. So gruel
7. The cry
8. Mysterious ways
9. Trying to throw anything you can get your hands on
10. Ultraviolet nappy indicator
11. Acrobat
12. Love is Jordyness


When I got the text I laughed and laughed, even as the little one was screaming and screaming.

Gosh, I love my husband!


maree said...

Ah - even Grandmas learn new things everyday - achtung is going to be very useful! Thanks Jordy...

JY said...

Wow, it sounds like Jordy has found his voice!