Wednesday, March 25, 2009

High Chair Antics Part Two (Or, A Record of Jordy the Gourmand)

At our first proper dine-out lunch together as a family at the NUSS Guild House. Jordy had his favourite baked fish in orange and carrot sauce (homemade of course), and D and I had Mee Rebus (it was damn fine Mee Rebus too!)

Jordy is getting more and more comfortable in the lofty status of his high chair. I thought that, for posterity's sake, I should record what a leaf from Jordy's daily meal planner looks like at exactly 7.5 mths age.

Milk first thing in the morning, followed by

Oatmeal or barley cereal with fruit (usually banana, apricot, peach or pear), milk (this is where I introduce follow-on formula into his diet) and a dash of prune juice (to help the old digestive track along).

Morning tea
Homemade yogurt with fruit (usually mango, papaya or banana)

A protein dish. His favourite right now is Annabel Karmel's baked fish in carrot and orange sauce (with cheddar cheese, his newfound favourite food). Today I tried brown rice pasta for the first time, served with another Annabel Karmel recipe, fish in cheese (edam this time) and zucchini sauce. He loved it.

Afternoon tea
Milk feed, followed by

Rice crackers or few small pinches of softmeal bread (tried bread for the first time today. he loved it!). Whatever we can have on-the-go as we're usually out at this time.

A vegetarian dish (today it was steamed sweet potato from my mum's garden, with carrots and broccoli. Yesterday it was Annabel Karmel's tomato and cauliflower gratin. Again a favourite), and depending on his appetite, some fruit with brown rice cereal (like a rice pudding), followed by

Milk feed


Cooking for Jordy now takes up a fair bit of the day. Can't wait for him to be able to help me with the grating and measuring of flour etc! Can't wait for when he sprouts teeth (yes, he still is TOOTHLESS!!!) then the first thing I'm going to make him will be corn and cheese muffins! Yee haw!

Anyway, to illustrate just how grown up he is getting, here he is with his friend Poppy at their favourite cafe.

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maree said...

Imagine Great Auntie Judy taking wee JR cafe tripping!