Thursday, April 02, 2009

Big Boy Goes Shopping

Agh! Jordy is growing up very quickly! Just last week, Sandy, mum of the delicious Olive, and one of the mums in our regular Monday mum and bubs group said while we were shopping in Giant that Jordy might be ready for a jaunt in a shopping trolley. Hmm, I'd never even thought of that possibility so was rather excited by the prospect!

Well, today, at IKEA (where we went to while away a blisteringly hot afternoon) he slipped into the front seat of the trolley like a pro! He enjoyed the view from his lofty perch for almost 20 minutes, after which he started to make a few noises. I thought plying him with the many wonderful treasures at the IKEA kids' section would cheer him up, but no, he would look at each new toy neutrally then look back at me with one eyebrow raised as if to say, "that all you got?".

And so then I whipped out my miracle pack from within my diaper bag. Since last week, I haven't left home EVER without a slice of softmeal bread in a Ziploc bag. It's the panacea to all Jordy afflictions at the moment!

To demonstrate my point, peruse the picture below if you will. Yes, I know it was taken rather shakily, but that was because I was shaking with laughter myself. Couldn't help it, Jordy's palpable glee at eating bread was just so... contagious.

He was so visibly excited about the whole eating-bread-in-a-trolley-business, two ladies at IKEA came over to us and cooed and clapped while the little guy alternately dangled and kicked his legs much to their amusement. Ah Jordy, wonders never cease.

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maree said...

oh my gosh , have to look out a photo of David sitting in highchair with his mouth full of bread!!! I kid you not!!!