Monday, December 29, 2008

The Turnips Survived Christmas (But There's Still New Year's to Come)!

The Turnip present table. Jordy's present from us is the largest box at the bottom. As you can see, it's half-open cos we had to rip into it as the silly thing (a Leapfrog music table) accidentally turned itself on!

Okaaay, so we well and truly survived Christmas! Had a wonderful time surrounded by friends and family, and our life as a family of three seems to just get better and more err, eventful!

Dinner spread at the family Christmas eve party!

Jordy did very well too - even managing to sleep peacefully in his grandma's arms amidst the growing shrieks of his excited cousins as they played pass the parcel! And he's now slowly taking the bottle which is a relief - I'm no longer the primary food source and I guess this means we can possibly start leaving him for longer periods with his mama and kong kong! If we can bear to be apart for him for more than a few hours that is!

"Thank you Mama, for allowing me such a peaceful Christmas eve!"

Christmas morning was truly the most fun we've had as a family so far! Jordy knew that the morning was slightly different from any other. Possibly cos for once, his dad sounded as chipmunky and excited as his mum!

Jordy appraises the Turnip Christmas haul

He loved the musical table he got, as well as all the fantastic, thoughtful gifts from all who loved him. He sat very contented in the good vibes bestowed on him from all corners of the world. He even quietly appreciated his Santa stocking gifts (a dental hygiene set and a medicine dispenser kit for the first aid box!).

Playing the banjo on the Leapfrog music table

Then on Boxing Day, it was off to the pool with Mama and Kong Kong! Mama brought an inflatable seat for the pool, which Jordy just loved. He enjoyed splashing around, staying in for almost 20 minutes! The longest he's been in so far!

Trickle, trickle, splash, splash

In a great show of dexterity, we even managed to bath him without a bathtub! A guerilla operation requiring two adaptable parents, one chilled-out kid, and many giggles and laughs!

"What?!?! You forgot to bring the bathtub?!"

In between all the festivities, we even managed to reorganise the house, now that our new built-in wardrobe has been installed in the study. Jordy's room is starting to look more like a kid's room, and is just begging for some splashes of colour. That's our plan for this coming week!

"Err, yes, I think I quite like the air of quiet contemplation in this new study"

Then today was a day of international relations! Off to meet friends who were en route from Wellington to India, and then a quick drop in to the Borders Cafe to say a big HELLO to Aunty Porcs and her Frenchman who were in town and on the way to a villa in Bali (BLAGH! So jealous!). And Jordy couldn't keep his eyes of Uncle Dean's choco-berry cake.

Gosh I love Christmas!

One of these kids is ready for solids, can you tell me just which one? (Hint: Uncle Dean loves his nasi padang and has been enjoying said nasi padang for some time already)

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maree said...

The First of Many Happy Christmas's for The Turnips. Jordy's going to LOVE seeing these journals one day - almost as much as his Mama Maree