Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Happy 4th Month Birthday, Jordy!

D talks about lack of irony in Singapore. Well, the irony of posing in front of the Ben & Jerry's Chunk Fest is not lost on me here. Yet another rare mother and baby shot. The festival sucked by the way, but the photo opp was great.

Four months on, it's amazing how Jordy has changed our lives:

1. Going out got a lot heavier - more accessories to tote along, a heavier bag, and of course, his lordship himself, all 8+kg worth!

2. Christmas just got better - it's ten times more excitement now that we have our little friend to share it with! I mean, this kid has never met Santa yet, or even tried a gingerbread man! What delights await him?

3. We've both gotten err, broader. Jordy's not the only one who has gained in girth. Sigh... I'm giving myself a year to return to pre-Jordy size! D's getting back to his regular running routine!

4. The ordinary just got extraordinary: believe the hype. And forgive your parent friends if they can't stop gushing or dwelling on what their children do. I used to sit squarely on the other side of this fence, rolling my eyes and yawning internally if someone I knew droned on about the wonders of their child. But now, it's karma back to bite me in the bum! In a big way! The thing is, it feels like a privilege to be able to witness this gradual awakening to consciousness that Jordy is experiencing, and to see the sort of human being he will become. And having taken a year out to care for him, though exhausting at times, is rewarding almost all the time. So I'm not apologising that this blog has turned into a bit of a Jordy shrine, but your kid is only a baby once, and this supernova phase of learning and discovery needs to be documented!

5. D and I are now PARENTS! We still look at each other in wonderment and wonder how we ever got here. Oh and then of course we look at Jordy and wonder how come we waited so long!

The much more common father and baby shot.


maree said...

Happy 4month birthday baby boy. With your Mum's wonderful blogs and your Daddy's wee text messages I feel I have "been there" while you are on this amazing journey of Being. You are much loved my precious. Your Grandma xxx

Campbells said...

Isn't it an amazing time, watching these little bubs grow into little people! No less amazing the third time around, Lily is now sitting and I'm sure she's saying "Mum";)And then there's the big sisters who are so excited about Christmas they quiver when talking about it! Best wishes for the festive season and your first Christmas as a family of three. Sarah and family.

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