Monday, December 08, 2008

Let it snow, let it snow!

If Jordy ever cuts a rap album, this will be the cover shot for the CD. For sure.

It's freezing in Singapore today - a misty, drizzly 24 degrees. All around the city people are togged up in their sweaters and cardigans. We decide it's the perfect occasion to whip out the gorgeous hoodie/onesie Jordy got from Godpa James. To say he was content and snuggly today is an understatement!


We enjoy a wonderful family lunch at the NUS Guild House, Jordy has a snooze, and then it's off to Coffee Club for Jordy's feed. And then we head home to catch up with Aunty Anu who is in town for the marathon!

I may look cuddly but I really am tough!

1 comment:

maree said...

Great - Jordy's getting ready for Kiwi clothes!