Monday, May 26, 2008

Zorgy's Godfather Pays a Visit

J's spiritual home - Raffles Hotel

Yay, J is down for a weekend before I pop. And we manage to cram in a week's worth of eating into two days. Yikes! Anyway from dinner at Botak Jones to high tea at the Bar and Billiards and nibbles and drinks at the New Majestic Bar, D & I are also trying to enjoy our freedom while we can! And Zorgy is happy judging from the amount of kicking going on this weekend (which got noticeably stronger as I approached the 'live crepe' station at the Bar and Billiards, heh)

New Majestic Bar - where they have a "don't serve water" policy!

It's lovely to see J again, and we just know he'll be a most singular godfather to Zorg, most importantly, satisfying the pre-requisite of sending exotic postcards from exotic locales (J if you are reading this, please make sure you get posted to Kathmandu or Zanzibar next, ok?!). D and I (ok maybe more me than poor D) are also harbouring ambitious plans of bringing Zorgy to Bangkok to visit his goddad. I'm sure that's doable innit? Ah well, ok will be a bit more realistic and start with small things first, like err... changing diapers (D and I are both diaper virgins) and bathing baby (all the visuals in the books are sooo confusing... help). Ah well, I'm sure it'll all work out as long as we retain our sense of humour... agh

NB: Didn't want to dedicate a whole post to this but I thought this was worth mentioning. Those in Singapore, do NOT, and I repeat, do NOT, go to Corduroy Cafe in Vivo City. Our experience on Sunday (and this is corroborated by lifestyle diva Dean) has proven that this cafe has dismal service, pre-made, unappealing food, and silly prices to top it all off. Poor J waited at the counter for more than five minutes trying to place an order - even sadder was the man in line before him who had to wait while the clueless order-taker/cashier person checked in the back kitchen to see if doughnuts were available. And couldn't answer any of his questions. They also ran out of $5 home-made lemonade at 12 noon. Oh and last straw was the three staff who were dawdling around the counter doing NOTHING while poor clueless cashier woman was trying to make herself understood. This against the context of their pretentious menu painting themselves as a "literary" cafe. Erk! Boycott! Avoid please...

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maree said...

wee Jnr is blessed to have James as Godfather xxx