Sunday, May 04, 2008

Back in Blogland

Ok. So I've totally neglected this site for a couple of months. But I've had good reason!

1. D & I are expecting our very own little Turnip (we've christened him Zorg) in August. So from Jan - March this year, I was pretty much alternating my life between a) trying not to throw up, b) actually throwing up, c) sleeping the deepest, dreamiest slumbers I've had since primary school. Things started looking up in March though, and I had a sublime moment one day at work when I saw a colleague with an ice cream, and just knew that I could now have one too (it took a Huerculean effort not to snatch it mid-bite from her). It was weird how the pukiness just died down suddenly for me!

2. We started renovating our place in February and moved in at the very end of March. That's our living room you see there. It looks out over a very jungley bit of Singapore. We've turned amateur ornithologists and have spotted golden flashes of orioles, blue king fishers, these great dove grey birds with light yellow bellies, cheeky sparrows and mynahs, and ONE squirrel!

3. We've had a string of visitors come stay with us (more to come, yay!) and in between that, we've also started attending ante-natal classes and trying to prepare ourselves for Zorg's arrival. Acquisitions so far: a second hand cot, and a spankin new stroller with car seat.

Anyway, it's great being back. They say that the one of the top factors that draws readers to websites is how frequently it's updated. Err, in that spirit, I guess I've failed miserably. But I'll give this another go. Second wind. Hey, when Zorg is here and I become a stay-home mum for a while (current plan is 10 months time away then back to the grind), I'll probably have even less time, but more need to just be in touch with the rest of the world. So will try to work this into a routine some how. For those of you who still come back to check this poor blog of mine, SURPRISE! I'm back. And hope to keep it that way for a while at least :)
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uncle dick said...

Welcome back to Bloggoland!
It is understandable...the temp absence. Anyway, I have passed through the same way ( absence)so I can definitely relate to how you feel. Don't pressure yourself at all. Let inspiration of the moment be the simple key to blogging.

ps: the view is Beautiful !

Tane Aikman said...

Wow, congratulations! Yay for you and Dave. I hope Zorg comes in peace!