Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Southern Ridges Walkway!

This morning, we get up bright and early at 7am (on a Sunday morning mind you!) for a wonderful walk along the Southern Ridges Walkway right round the corner from our new place. We have D's dad and wife, A & S, staying with us and we get a cab bright and early to the top of Mt Faber.

The forest walk - can just imagine me and stroller on this! Can't wait!

The full walk goes for about 9km (pretty good for Singapore standards considering our entire landmass fits into New Zealand's Lake Taupo). But due to heat and my err delicate condition, we only attempt the section from Mt Faber to Alexandra Archway, for brunch at Villa Bali to be exact!

Must say A & S are coping with the heat admirably!

Feel really fortunate to have this right at our doorstep. One vision for Baby Zorg - may his life (and eyesight) not be ruled by Playsation and computers, and may he find peace and happiness in nature and greenery. Of course mum and dad will play a big role in nurturing this, so may we be blessed with the energy and imagination to dream new, fun experiences for this tumbling being in me!

OK, I'm going to be brave and post a picture of me looking mis-matched. What I really wanted to show was the totally cool Henderson Waves bridge that we're on. Kudos to the architect!

For those of you in Singapore - this walk totally rocks. Ok so you may have to share the walk with heaps of aunties and irritating loud families (ugh of which we may be joining the ranks of), but hey, it's great to be out and about with fellow creatures of our natural and urban jungle!

Highlight today was zen-looking brown lizard (large-ish) watching all the commotion from his perch on the sidewalk. Ah... to channel that vibe once Zorg arrives!


maree said...

Of course that wee boy will love nature - wait till he visits Godzone! Keep him in the know of some technology though so he can help NZ Grandma with computer.

atetoomuch said...

You had me all the way till the bit about the lizard. Ew...

And oy... So I take it Zorg won't be enrolling in A's Playstation Academy anytime soon eh? Heh.