Wednesday, May 21, 2008

An All-David Final (and Zorgy's Predictions)

The Cherub and The Rocker: An All-David Final

So I've only like been counting down to this moment for months now. I haven't missed any episodes so far - and Wednesday nights 8pm have become sacred time for me now. Cue my Subway Italian BMT sandwich, cookies to share (2 or 3 depending on a) mood, b) weight, c) availability. Always a mix of oatmeal raisin, double chocolate and chocolate chip, to be shared with fellow Subwayt fanatic, D).

Righty-ho. So down to my (and Zorgy's) assessment of the night's performances:

Round 1: Power Tunes - David Cook's "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" vs David Archuleta's "Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me"

David C's voice was way on track tonight, but both D and I felt he rendered the song a bit too slowly. Unfortunately, Bono is also a very tough act to follow and David C didn't quite have enough of a departure from the original to make it his own. Overall great job though, and very enjoyable viewing.

Right from the opening refrains with David A sitting in a spotlight on the stair, the cherub hit all the right notes. Lovely cadences, he connected with the song and the audience, so much so that I didn't have any visions of Sir Elton or creepy George Michael.

Agree with Simon. Round 1 decidedly goes to David A!

Zorgy agreed also, with two sharp kicks in favour of David A!

Round 2: Idol Original Song - David C's "Dream Big" vs David A's "In this Moment"

My least favourite round. The usual schmaltz. Even David C's electric guitar didn't quite lift the song out of trite city. And David A's song was so reminiscent of the one Clay did in Season 2 (think it was called "this is the night")!

Round 2 goes to Zorgy for his pugilistic calisthenics! But seriously, I thought they were both so-so, though David A's song was more in keeping with the epic proportions of the night.

Round 3: Bring it on Home - David C's "The World I know" vs David A's juggernaut "Imagine"

Ok this round was decided even before the singing (and David C's tears) began. David C chose a wonderful Collective Soul song, subtle, nuances, but yes, again I agree with Simon, projecting the totally wrong vibe for the finale song for his set. What he needed was a show-stopping number, the equivalent to the last song of a concert, a "We are the Champions" or "Don't Dream It's Over". Something that can become anthemic, or at least synonymous with him. So although kudos to him for his artistic integrity, unfortunately, this IS a singing competition and this song was just too low-key and un-energising for my tastes!

David A however came on stage like he was asked back for an encore, and of course he sang the song that started it all (for me at least), his supremo, sublime, hair-raisingly good and just slightly different version of "Imagine". I remember the first time I heard him sing it during the top 24 round, I kept you-tubing it after at work and would close my eyes and be transported for a few minutes at my desk. This kid is seriously good.

Vocally, he wins hands down. Though admittedly David C has the x-factor and mystique. But hey, bashful just became the new black.

Round 3 goes to Archuleta.

So my pick: Archuleta will be the next American Idol - and he's the closest thing to a true malleable pop star they've come up with in 7 seasons.

Zorgy's pick: Three sharp kicks for Archuleta!

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