Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Miss America's Tumble: D's International Espionage Theory

Poor Miss America Rachel Smith! Now, I've watched every single Miss Universe show on TV since the 1988 contest held in Singapore (where my primary 6 class was let off to watch the TV programme during school hours. God bless SCGS!) and have NEVER ever seen a tumble as bad as this!

I shriek out in consternation and empathy for the poor girl, and cheer as she picks herself up effortlessly and smile as if nothing had happened.

D jolts me out my pure celluloid moment with his quiet proclamation, "I think the Iranians did it."

This everyone, is my husband.


sabre hound said...

i think so too, the iranians did it. just like how america attributed the mess in iraq right now to the iranians. the iranians did it although the americans bombed iraq into oblivion. this is international relations at its best!

ferunk said...

Yeah man - some of the bling and bustiers could've been weapons of mass destruction in themselves! Donald Trump certainly looked dazed and over-powered!

Pilgrim Mom said...

Aiyoh, D is TOO FUNNY.