Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Walk this way

Welcome to the Jungle

I did it! Tonight, I walked back home from work - it took me 57 minutes.

I started in the city, trusty ipod in hand, to the tunes of Guns n Roses Greatest Hits. Here's a journey in pictures, and the songs that were playing as I made my epic journey home.

Sweet Child O' Mine and Patience: I walk through the quaint shophouses of Craig Road and Neil Road.

Paradise City takes me to the start of Kg Bahru. Pick up my pace from here.

Knockin on Heaven's Door: I glimpse a gorgeous sunset through the trees.

Civil War and You Could Be Mine: Jln Bukit Merah is l-o-n-g... but at last I see Lower Delta Road.

Don't Cry: I feel the evening breeze on my face as the cars rush madly below me.

November Rain: Henderson Road, finally. The air is cool and moist. It's a quiet night, hardly any traffic around.

Live and Let Die: Home! At last! To our fantastic new speakers and amp (bought just last night by D, as a much-deserved treat after paying off his whopper of a student loan. Congratulations D!!)

American Idol was good tonight. I loved Blake's rendition of When I get you alone. Such a cool song. Anyway, feel really good after my long walk - think I'm going to do this regularly. Feeling all sleepy now, and it's only 915pm!!

Till later, D has just put on Fellowship of the Ring and it sounds so darned good on our speakers. Yay to the comforts of home :)


maree said...

Ahhhhh. All that walking is the "kiwi girl" in you! Next time I'm over I'll "step out" with you.
Speakers look GREAT! Imagine all the fun I could have with Language button watching West Wing!

sabre hound said...

so tell me... didcha walk home with your heels on or did you put on sneakers?

we so gotta do this next time:
holland village - holland road - napier road - tanglin road - orchard road - clemenceau avenue - river valley road - south bridge road - chinatown - meal at maxwell hawker centre!


Josh said...

Love it! I could hear all those songs in my head as I looked at your pics.... Take me down to paradise city where the girls are green and the grass is pretty!