Saturday, June 02, 2007

Out out, vile fat!

Railway line to Malaysia, view from Henderson Rd

8.30am, SMS to Dean: "We are embarking on our great walk now! See you in an hour! Adieu vile fats!"

Still on Henderson Rd

8.46am, SMS from Dean to us: "Ah! Vile and foul fats begone! Into the depths of fats hell it be cast! Ah! See you!"

Tanglin Rd, home of ill-fated UNSW

We turn into Tanglin Rd, where ill-fated UNSWAsia Campus was temporariliy housed. Can't believe they still have their banner asking for enrolment applications for Mar & Aug 2007! The campus is eerily quiet.

Black and white house, Tanglin Rd

We pass by many embassies on Tanglin Rd. Brunei, China, British, American, Australian. We daren't take any photos in case they accuse us of spying and detain us without question. So we take a nice photo of a sprawling colonial "black & white" house.

9.26am, SMS from Dean to us: Ah tis lovely to have arrived at the gates of Botania. The last drops of dew makes good its release into the air and sparkle unde the shining Morning Eye in the Sky. Tis lovely indeed!

9.31am, SMS to Dean: We round the corner lah. Haha! Then we can be ladies! And partake of toast and tea!

D & D strike a pose outside the imposing gates of the Singapore Botanic Gardens

Yay! We arrive. D stops his stopwatch and we find it takes us almost exactly an hour (give and take a few seconds) to walk from home to the Gardens.

Zen lotus, Botanic Gardens

By this time we're starving so after a short jaunt around the pond, we go to Cafe Beviamo for our usual healthy and hearty weekend brunch.

Dean has lost 5kg since joining the gym last month. He is my inspiration right now! While he goes spinning and kickboxing, I go to Pump and Bhangarobics (at Planet Fitness which is SOOO fun!). And all this time, D continues his rigorous training schedule for the end-of-year StanChart Singapore Marathon. Today's walk is quite literally, just a walk in the park for him!

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sabre hound said...

i think all of us can skip the triathlon attempt and do the ironman challenge instead because i am convinced our unwavering dedication to regular weekend strolls in the park will be a precursor to how it'll be a breeze for us in the ironman challenge. can ah? you think can or not?