Monday, May 28, 2007

If I had a hammer...

I am SUPERWOMAN! I manage to build not one but TWO Ikea shelves all by myself!!!!

I even learn to use a hammer! And an allan key! All this, while D is completing his final column for The New Paper. He's decided to take a bit of a break from writing so now will be freer in the weekends. Yay!

I align the panels and piece em together with screws.

Then my favourite part - I get to use a hammer! Woo Hoo! Peter, Paul & Mary ringing in my head as I pound away.

I slot in the shelves.
And voila! I put both shelves side by side and arrange our DVDs and CDs alphabetically.

This is pure catharsis.

ps: The shelves were incredibly cheap - $19 each! Not even the price of ONE DVD! Insane what globalisation can do...


maree said... girl coming out again Dora....Nick would be proud! Wonder if wee Lucy can hold hammer???
They look GREAT!

Anonymous said...

How commodious

Pilgrim Mom said...

Gotta get out of bed, get a hammer and a nail, learn how to use my hands, lalalala. You go girl! :-)