Sunday, May 03, 2009

Swims, Swings and Smiles (Or, A Cracker of a Long Weekend!)

Jordy's first time on a swing!

Praise the heavens for the long weekend!

Not just because it gives me a little respite from full-time Jordy-care - which, now that he has gained mobility, has turned into a mix of American Gladiators (at diaper changing time), Sesame Street (e.g. puppets, singing, dancing, endless repetitions of Rubber Ducky) and the Amazing Race (try getting anywhere on time with a baby who now has his own agenda) - but because three days spent as a family of three going all over the place having adventures is just how it's meant to be!

Met Mano and Carrie at Sentosa for a morning walk and a picnic, then we all went for lunch at the Guild House at Kent Ridge. After which, I got a MUCH-NEEDED hair cut while D hung out with Jordy at Gymboree. Then dinner at trusty Viet place in Harbourfront.

If he gets his excited over a plastic doughnut, can you imagine when he chomps into the real thing?

Aunty Pamela and Aunty Ranji came over to visit Jordy (argh! realised I didn't take pics... $#(@!) and we had a great time catching up, especially since Aunty Pam was going on to the AWARE EOGM after to be part of a historic milestone in Singapore's socio-political scene (for more on that, read My dad's post on the whole saga. I fully agree with everything he says). Then we had afternoon tea at the ever reliable Cafe Pralet, and Jordy had a great time feeding himself crackers. And he did a brand new thing too: he tried to feed his dad a cracker. Not once but twice! Aww... it was too sweet. Then it was on to gong gong and mama's club for a swim and dinner.

The civilised afternoon tea shot

Crackers! Gimme! Om nom nom noms...

Went for a morning walk along the Southern Ridges walkway, Dad and Jordy had a nap, then it was on to another cafe stop! McCafe at Ang Mo Kio, where Jordy had a good ol play on the swings at the adjacent park. His first! He loved it :)

An aside: This is the first set of child-swings I've seen that are meant for younger children. If anyone knows of any others around the island, please let me know!

Eh, how come no movement?

Then it was on to Sunday dinner at gong gong and mama's where we had the most stupendous home cooked nasi briyani by mama herself. And Jordy enjoyed his rice crackers as usual while everyone else had poppadoms!

A real cracker of a weekend (pun fully intended)!

"Anything you can eat I can eat bigger, I can eat anything bigger than you."

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maree said...

Oh! You just made my Monday!!! Have just changed my Computer Backdrop to the one of Daddy & bub in cafe..Love it! Love them all x only 6 more weeks Yeahhhhh