Thursday, May 07, 2009

Boys and Sandpits

Two boys, one truck = Recipe for disaster?
What is it with boys and dirt?

I decided this week to see if Jordy would enjoy a stint in the sandpit at Labrador Park and he loved it so much, I took him back the next afternoon! And coming along for the ride was Jordy's Gymboree buddy, Isaac.

Oooo, sandy...

Anyway, some finer points about sand:

* Sand is to baby as toffee is to apple: little granules stuck everywhere and in every single crevice.
* Sand is to dump truck as swimming pool is to Jordy: they just GO.
* Sand is to Jordy's mouth as KFC is to people-who-like-that-greasy-stuff (i.e. me): finger lickin' good
* Sand is to mums as err, sand is to mums: you have a love-hate relationship with it; you love that your kid loves it but you hate the mess it makes!
* Sand is to Jordy's diaper as box of chocolate is to Forrest Gump:you never know what you're gonna get!

Jordy's signature move - the side swipe.

Anyway I really hope sand is ok for babies as, err, it's a bit too late to worry now. Jordy's ingested a pretty decent amount of the grainy stuff, along with his afternoon tea. So far he hasn't seemed to mind it too much, and it's made his diaper, just that little heavier! Haha.

Poster boy for the "Eat Dirt" Campaign

And since we're on the topic of firsts, I am SO SO happy to announce that Jordy had his first drink of formula yesterday afternoon (80ml - not bad for his first attempt in a sippy cup)! That's right! You heard me, we are officially starting the weaning process people! Woo hoo! Here's to no longer being slave to the boob and to no longer feeding a sometime-feral child with teeth! Sorry Jordy, sprouting teeth is good for eating cake and lasagne, but not for mum's boobs. *Cuddle*

PS: Thanks to Isaac's mum Constance for the lovely pics :)

"What's all the fuss about?"


unk Dicko said...

A little bit of sand here and there is quite normal in our system. Don't be too worried as long as it's not by the spoonsful.
I noticed Jordy has developed his own defensive side stance/push quite naturally. Haha.

maree said...

Yes - that little flip of the arm is a Rugby tactic I think - Great photos esp Mum & Jordy
P.S. David was always eating sand so must have magic properties don't you think

JY said...

He's growing up so fast!