Monday, May 11, 2009

A Mothers' Day Birthday

Look at the gorgeously colourful spread of fruit, courtesy of Carrie and Mano! Jordy seemed rather nonplussed until he tasted strawberries and kiwis for the first time. Ker-ching!

I love the fact that Jordy turned nine months on Mothers' Day. Mothers' Day marked the moment he has been traipsing on this earth for longer than he was swirling around in ye olde belly. So apt, eh?

Anyway we started the day with a most lovely picnic with Mano and Carrie at new favourite hangout Labrador Park. The skies were portentous and threatening, and even spat a few drops of rain as we entered the carpark. But we decided to stay on and play things by ear just in case it cleared up, and I'm so glad we did! The weather turned out perfect for a picnic and a walk in the end.


We encountered all manner of bugs, saw some big ships and waves, the dog was walked and the baby slept. It was kinda perfect.

It got even more perfect when D looked after Jordy while I went for my first facial SINCE JORDY WAS BORN. From going every few weeks to a nine-month hiatus. Let's just say my facial lady greeted me with a very diplomatic, "Wah, Dora, ni gai bian le hen duo" (i.e. Wow Dora, you've err, CHANGED!"). I decided to take it in the best possible spirit and just blob out while she did her thing. Loverly!

Then it was on to gong gong and mama's for a Mothers' Day family barbeque and Ramly-burger-esque feast in the backyard. Much meat was had and even a salad or two. Aunty Aida displayed her magical cooking abilities to full effect and we even had a family ukelele jam, while Jordy bounced up and down on dad's legs.

Sizzles and strums

Jordy was happy enough hanging out in the playpen, munching on his new teething feeder. Thanks to Carrie for getting it from Robinsons! He really likes sucking on cold grapes and just today, I tried out some chilled strawberry as well and he loved that too!

Kampong boys

Then it was time for the mums to gather round and be feted (or rather, to cut the most excellent ice cream mudpie from Island Creamery).

ps: Thank you to Jordy for getting me the best Mothers' Day present! Kazuo Ishiguro's new book, Nocturnes: Five Stories of Music and Nightfall. I'm about halfway through it already and it is FABULOUS.

Mothers (and one toddler) of the world unite!


unk Dicko said...

Yeah...the cookout was terrific.
I think we can and should have it more often. Seems like alot healthier too as hardly any oil is used in the dry-pan cooking.
We can try different kinds of vegs and salads also.

maree said...

The first of Many Happy Mother's Day Celebrations Dora...welcome to the best club in the world x

JY said...

I love the solo shot of Mr J. There's so much in that expression :-)