Friday, February 27, 2009


We have just entered a new era in the Turnip household. This weekend, D and I are embarking on an emergency trip to IKEA to stock up on baby safety equipment. Our floor-to-ceiling glass doors overlooking the balcony are now shut whenever Jordy is awake and out of his cot. We're going to get on all fours and crawl around the house this weekend to see just what mayhem little J could get up to now that he has achieved *gulp* mobility!

Isn't he growing up quickly?!

ps: This weekend also marks our FIRST movie in an actual theatre since Jordy's birth. Our previous movie was ironically the day before he was born! Anyway, bring it all on! Popcorn! Overpriced soda! Carcenogenic nachos and cheese! Inane twitters of other cinema goers! The smell of feet! Whoopee! We're going to watch Slumdog Millionaire while Mama D babysits and feeds him his first ever taste of fish porridge.

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maree said...

My Favourite Movie for the past 6 months is BLOG WATCHING!! An Oscar winner every time! But you guys enjoy - tell Mama D I wish I could be there to share the babysitting!