Saturday, June 23, 2007

In which we travel to another country for dinner

Road Trip! Rolling Stones playing in the background.

One of the best, best things about living in Singapore is being able to travel to another country for a meal.

Today, we drive to Malaysia for an early dinner. S and Z introduce us to what feels like the restaurant at the end of the universe. As soon as we cross the border into Johor and get our passports all duly stamped, (paraphrasing Z) our blood pressures collectively drop a notch or two.

This place is so darn cool!

We're prepared for a 45 minute drive, based on S's email that the seafood place is about half an hour away from the border, which we then inflate for good measure. What we didn't know was S had already added a buffer on her end. So in the end, the mini picnic basket I packed of Kit Kat, Twisties, bottles of water and six CDs collectively between us was erm, testimony to how anal we all are and precisely why we're good friends. Haha!

S, F and I on the boardwalk leading to the restaurant at the end of the universe .

The little seafood restaurant is in Kampung Pendas. It's about 3.45pm when we get there and it's quiet and breezy. A couple of families are finishing up their lunch. We're the only Singapore car there.

Restaurant on stilts, Kg Pendas, Johor, Malaysia

I can't think of a more perfect Saturday hang out place. It's completely away from the maniacal buzz of Singapore, no rushing people, only noise is the sea breeze against the trees and contented people eating (oh and the live karaoke session that started around 530pm. Note to self: this is a mid-afternoon place!).

D, Z, S and F. Thanks to Z, we also had the most sublime chicken rice ball experience in Malacca!

We order like it's the last day on earth:

1. Chilli crab (three crabs between five of us)
2. Steamed siakap (don't know the English name to this)
3. Deep fried baby squid
4. Hot plate tofu
5. Stir fried kai lan
6. Otah


As we eat, we spot a pair of eagles circling in the sky. I think they're white-bellied fish eagles. I can't believe I'm only half an hour's drive away from Singapore.

Happy and full.

What a great way to spend the afternoon. Terima kasih to Z and S for introducing us to this little quiet spot. Even the handbasins had great views.

Malaysia Truly Asia!

My failed attempt at arty shot. But you get the picture lah (oops bad pun).

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sabre hound said...

eh eh, so nice sekali! i like! i also want to go eat with you all but alas, i have a fantabulous wedding celebration to attend lah. next time, we do the malaysia truly asia routine again hor!

then we sit in the car and we sing the jingle 'malaysia truly asia' with gusto and semangat okay?

go check malay-english dictionary for semangat...FOOWAH!