Friday, April 06, 2007

Easter Vacation #1: Her very own pie in the sky

We have high tea today at Equinox, and dine against the amazing backdrop of the Singapore skyline. MIL has waffle for the first time and D, who is doing so well considering his wisdom tooth has just come out, becomes food photographer for the day. It's also MIL's virgin experience with the very Singaporean chocolate fountain. We feel like we're in a very posh version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - no Augustus Gloop in sight though.

High tea over, we are unable to sit down. We're just too full. I think it was the hot cross bun that did it for me. I had to have one (and I'm not even a fan), but what is Easter weekend without hot cross buns? Anyway, the rich food is just a bit too much and we decide a short walk is necessary. So we bring MIL to Labrador Park, which is just round the corner from our home.

MIL and I contemplate the very industrial sunset at Labrador Park.

It's evening by the time we get there, and the entire community is out in full force at the park. We weave our way past scantily clad joggers, soccer-mad youths, fishermen who don't appear to have much luck, barbequeing aunties, more aunties, this time parading their yappy t-shirt and booty-wearing dogs, and some very scary aunties shouting at their children to get into cars.

As I walk I think of the fall of Singapore during the war, our guns sadly pointing the wrong way, pitiful against the Japanese army invading overland via Malaya. A sudden thought occurs - and I do not mean offence by this - but I start thinking about the sort of damage a horde of angry aunties (plastic bags in the crook of their arms) could inflict in a surprise attack. I shudder and move on, though strangely comforted by the images playing in my mind.

D and I in our very own scene from Roman Holiday. Singaporean Holiday just doesn't quite cut it.

We get to the pier just in time to catch a most surreal sunset. Not so much spectacular as disquieting. A giant luminous red ball in the sky against a twist of metal. It's beautiful yet leaves me slightly on edge.

Maybe the pie in the sky just reminded me of all the food still digesting in my poor tummy.

Our very own pie in the sky

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