Tuesday, April 24, 2007

D turns 30, and a milestone for The Camel Diaries

D & J, Singapore loyalists, standing tall for Temasek Hall

Happy Birthday to D, who now joins the ranks of those who have lived three full decades of life.

We throw a party for him at Aloha Loyang. And it is there that I have a conversation that changes the course of The Camel Diaries forever. F says to me rather frantically, "No point not showing faces anymore lah, Dean has already blown your cover!"

So this is a very brave thing, but I am now officially going to introduce faces to The Camel Diaries. For those of you who would prefer to remain anonymous, just let me know and I will respect that. But for those of you glamazon exhibitionists out there, woo hoo, this is gonna get interesting!

My fabulous friends who think my blog is too cerebral and cheem, I love you anyways

Anyway, I'm completely spent after an amazing three weeks - we've just bid a tearful farewell to MIL at the airport, after sending J off on Sunday. Amazingly, though J and us have lived in different cities since 2003, we've managed to catch up pretty much every six months in differenct cities in the world! We're also planning to head to Bangkok for a long weekend in June/July to spend some time with one of our favourite people in one of our favourite cities!

So MIL now heads back to wintry Dunedin. Had such a fabulous time, and this is my favourite photo of us in the wonderful Baguette et Chocolat in Hanoi. Thanks for the wonderful conversations, laughter and memories. I really am the luckiest DIL in the world!

MIL and DIL, Hanoi, April 2007


Anonymous said...

Love the photos dear! Finally...some faces on your very cheem blog...;)

maree said...

Daughter in Law is the bestest travel campanion/guide in the whole world...especially if you want to find the best cakes!!