Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Airport Humour

Sometimes, the best things about travelling are the weird little incidental things that you happen to just come across. In this case, Tokyo's Narita Airport and Hanoi's Noi Bai Airport provide some much appreciated mirth.

You gotta applaud the person who decided to write the crepe and waffle menu in first person at a cafe in Narita Airport. A first for me. Never seen before which made me think about how some dishes would be described in first person in Singapore.

Example 1: Roti Prata
I did funny dance with a ball of dough and made it flat with oil then fried it with hot griddle.

Example 2: Char Kuay Teow
I took pig lard and natural plants from ground and made friends with noodles in giant wok.

You know what? This is harder than it looks. These people are regular poets!

Then there's the charity donation box where we unload our last notes of dong as we leave Hanoi. It says our donations are "for especially difficult children".

I love being lost in translation.


onehandwaving said...

Roti prata:
Dough does not stick to hand. Then hotting place attaches.

pilgrimparent said...

There are some days when the contents of that charity box should be channeled to our household. Great pictures and poetry!