Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hand, Foot, Mouth, Shudder...

HFMD is still at epidemic levels in Singapore, with more than 1,000 children getting it this past week alone. Poor Jordy has had it twice (TWICE!!!) this year already - the first was an extremely spotty affair, but thankfully he wasn't afflicted by the characteristic ulcers in the mouth; the second bout was milder but he did have a few small ulcers in his mouth which went away fairly quickly, thankfully.

I read a report which quoted Singapore's Ministry of Health as saying that the kids that caught HFMD tended to have poor nutrition and hence their immunities were low. Started looking at what Jordy's diet is like, and I thought it seemed pretty ok. I mean, he's not one of those kids that will just eat brocolli and carrots as is, but he usually gets his fair share of nutrients.

A typical day in Jordy's food journal (on a playschool day) would look like this:

Breakfast #1 at home (7.15am):
- 1/2 banana
- 1 pottle yogurt
- 1 piece toast with vegemite/jam/peanut butter
- 1/2 cup diluted orange/dark grape juice

Breakfast #2 at school (8.45am):
- cereal/french toast/hash brown/"bao"/sandwich

Whatever school offers: usually rice with soup/veg, pasta, porridge, noodles + apple slices

Afternoon tea
Afternoon tea #1 at school (3.00pm):
- bun/sandwich/green bean soup/sponge cake

Afternoon tea #2 when I pick him up (4.00pm)
- cereal bar/banana/Heinz baby biscotti thingies

Very predictable:
- Main course: noodles with chicken/fish, brocolli, carrots, OR spag bog with 5 veg sauce (beef mince + tomato, zuchinni, red pepper, carrot, celery), OR macaroni cheese + brocolli and tomato/carrot soup, OR tomato/carrot soup + cheese sandwich
- 1 pottle yogurt
- 1/2 pear or mango or apple

- Cheerios + milk

Aside from that, I'm giving him a daily multivit supplement, a tablespoon of Scotts Emulsion (Orange), and as soon as my order from iherb arrives, an immunity-boosting supplement from Elderberries called Sambucus, which I've had recommended to me from so many different mom-sources that I think I should try it.

Anyhow, I'm trying my best to make sure Jordy gets his daily nutrition needs. But this whole HFMD thing is just always lurking at the back of my mind. Guess we can only do what we can, and leave the rest to a higher source!

Oh, and in light of the epidemic, the new policy at childcare = no more toys from home. So Sheepie now stays at home and miraculously... Jordy is perfectly fine without him, and has been falling asleep with no problems. Honestly, sometimes I don't give him enough credit. What an amazing, adaptable kid!


maree said...

Yes, wee Jordy is very adaptable. !nd he's a little bundle of perfect health - he just shines! Look how fast he gets on that slide hee hee. And I have FIRST HAND knowledge that he has all the right food & excellent care. sometimes kiddies just catch things & wee man seems to recover pretty quickly so just keep on keeping on best Mum xxx

unk Dicko said...

I'm not too sure that HFMD visit kids with so called "poor nutrition". Today, there's such a wide offering of food and supplements for kids of all ages. Jordy is a very strong baby kid, much stronger than many I know.
When we were kids in the 40's, there's not enough food of any kind on most tables very day!
Yet, none of us kids got this terrible scourge. Hygiene was way, way below today's modern std too.
But,this I can testify to, at least for me and my kampong 'gang'...we ate a lot of fresh fruits..buah cheeries, jambus, guavas, sugarcane, purple berries, passion fruit, rambutans, banana, mango,buah 'long long', starfuit, jackfruit..etc. Mostly FREE of charge as we pluck them ourselves, roaming the kampong.
Kids today..don't eat like we did then.

Adora said...

hey i heard that sambaccus is for coughs... or was it colds... and not to be taken as a 'vitamin'/'supplement'.... just check it out la ;)

poppy takes colustrum mixed in her food/fruit.

Evelina Baddely said...

I can only think that the Health Ministry's comments were either taken out of context or said as part of poorly thought out aside. While I'm sure kids with poor nutrition and weakened immune systems are more likely to catch HFMD, aren't many of the infected kids attending government-sanctioned child care centres like yours and ours do? And don't those centres offer allegedly healthy menus which (in our case) were created in conjunction with KK hospital dieticians? If the Health Ministry really meant what they said, then they are essentially saying a lot of the food in the childcare centres isn't healthy......

Anonymous said...

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