Friday, July 02, 2010

The Reader and The Farm Boy

They've started a great little reading programme at Jordy's playschool, using materials from the National Geographic Windows on Literacy series. Apart from the fact that the books look like they originate in the 1980s (based on the high incidence of shoulder pads and bouffant hairdos in some of the photos), I think they're a great introduction to words and reading. I particular like how light they are!

Anyway, Jordy loves them too. He's been reading along with me for some time now, but lately has started reading the books to himself! I was a little too late in catching his attempt this evening. His first try was spot on! Anyway, just for fun:

Oh and he's also starting to singalong with me too. They've been singing Old MacDonald Had a Farm at school and he's trying with all his might to get the EIEIOs right. He gets it right, some of the time. Other times, it turns out like this:

Heh heh. I'm so glad he's enjoying his time at childcare. It makes being at work so much easier (and what a manic few weeks that has been!). Oh well, am hoping things will calm down a bit after our major event next week, then it's Bali in four weeks! Bring it on!

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maree said...

My goodness...wee Jordy is having a great start, good school & excellent home reading, he really recognises those words & he seems to love it - 2nd to eating that is! lovely wee vids