Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Jordy Eats With a Fork!

For some reason, this wouldn't load in Firefox, but was no problems in IE. Hmm... Anyway, it's meant to accompany the previous post. Enjoy!


maree said...

What a clever soul - & the wee clap is SO funny - almost like "O heck I'd better let them know I've achieved another thing - aren't they used to it yet..."xxx

unk Dicko said...

He started with his left hand holding the fork and did it very well. Then he switched to using his right hand and did it equally well.
I'm inclined to think Jordy may just be ambidextrous!
I like the part where he joined in the celebration with you all by clapping for himself. Haha!
He's really funny and so cute.

JY said...

A major milestone. He's ready for the buffet table :-)