Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy 17th Month Birthday, Jordy!

One plus point about sweating heaps? Easiest way to get a mohawk to stay up!

Dear Jordy,

17 months! Wowee! Who would've thought eh?

We celebrated today by going to the Laurent Bernard Chocolate Cafe at Portsdown. Your dad and I were both aghast that we'd never stepped foot in there despite living so close to it! Thank goodness Aunty Sandy told us about this divine little spot - if not who knows how long would've gone by before we discovered it for ourselves.

Sorry Jordy, we are bad parents... we know... but we just couldn't resist giving you the mohawk do in public. Thank goodness you couldn't see the styled mullet at the back.

You were very pleased with the cafe and its surroundings, especially when you discovered a little slope which you just delighted in running up and down on. You didn't mind that mum didn't offer you her chocolate tart (HEAVEN!) and that dad gobbled up his chocolate truffle cake. You were somehow sated with your brown rice rings and tomato and corn crackers! We'll see how long this lasts, heh heh.

When things just got a little too sweaty for you, you were cool just chilling on the big, deep rattan chairs, reading your book and looking up at the birds flying overhead. It was a lovely hour and a half.

That's not my pony! (Thanks Aunty Jackie for the Christmas pressies! Loved em all!)

We then went for a lovely walk all around Wessex Village, then ended up at Hort Park where you ran around and did a big round trip walk! Very proud of you.

Which leads me to the greatest surprise on your 17 month birthday. At dinner time, you decided to show us all how eating with a fork is done! You were amazingly dexterous. Well done Jordy!

(I was supposed to post the video here but for some reason blogger is not complying. Will try again later!)

I'm still amazed you managed to stuff three wholemeal Vegemite and cream cheese pinwheel sandwiches in your mouth. Goodness gracious. Anyway, congratulations on mastering the fork. Dining etiquette and manners will come later. You just enjoy your mealtimes with gusto now, my boy!

OK mum is rather tired after today's adventures so will sign off. Dad and I have been enjoying the Politically Incorrect Parenting Show and are off to watch Episode 3 now.

Love to my little man (who is starting childcare in a week!!!). Ceteris paribus, mum heads back to work on your 18th month birthday! I know, probably not the birthday treat you were hoping for, but I think in time, you'll be quite proud of mum and her work. I know I certainly was proud of what my mum did (and does).

Big changes ahead little one, but I think in the big scheme of things, for the best!

Love you heaps and heaps,

Your mum


unk Dicko said...

Nice hairstyle for a change! He has the personlity for it.
Next month hairstyle?

maree said...

Happy 17th Month wee Jordy...for a minute there I thought you had first haircut!!! You look so grown up in these pix. And fancy managing a fork it will be chopsticks!
So miss you wee man but have lots of happy memories ( e.g. everytime I open my kitchen cupboards I think of you )